Yep, that’s right. You can’t actually do this. You can’t get in shape. You can’t lose weight. You can’t fit into all of those clothes you have piled up in totes in every closet. It’s too hard. You don’t have time. You’re too fat.

Why do you let your mind tell you these things? Would you ever speak to a friend like that? Would you speak to anyone like that?

So why would you say that to yourself?

Do you actually feel worthy of success? Look deep into your heart and ask yourself if you truly feel that you deserve to feel better. Do you think that you can actually do this?

Most of us don’t. I know I don’t feel like I deserve this every day. I have to fight the gremlin in my head that tells me I’m not good enough and that I’ll always fail. It tells me that I’ll keep it up for a few days or even weeks, if it’s being nice, and then it will pull me back in to my old ways.

We see successful people all the time, and the gremlin says, “They have something special about them that makes them successful. You don’t have that. You’ll never have that. You’re just you. You’re not good enough to be successful.”

And so we don’t try to succeed because we believe the gremlin. We mistake that voice for our own, and we refuse to try because we think it’s our actual voice saying that.

The gremlin wants you to stay where you are, because it knows that if you succeed, it won’t be able to feed off of you anymore. The gremlin is a parasite that feeds on fear and relies on you staying firmly in your comfort zone. The gremlin needs you to fail.

It knows that if you start thinking you’re worthy of success, and that you are capable of working hard to achieve a goal, it won’t have anywhere to live. It thrives off of your self-doubt, fear of failure, anxiety, and past mistakes.

But what happens when you start to say, “No, I am worthy of what I want,” is that the gremlin fights even harder to keep you where you are. The fear and anxiety build, and you feel like you’re staring at a mountain. The gremlin is scared, and what happens when an animal gets scared? It fights.

You can fight back, though. You know the gremlin’s greatest weakness: accomplishment. You can set yourself free, send your gremlin flying through the air, by building on small achievements. Did you drink a lot of water today? SUCCESS. Did you do a workout today and not worry about whether you’ll still do it tomorrow? SUCCESS.

These small successes are like acid to the gremlin, burning its skin and destroying its resolve to stay with you.

It’s going to pull out all of its old tricks that used to work on you. It’s going to tell you that bad things will happen to you and that you’re going to come running back like you always do. It will tell you how you’re not good enough and how you could never be successful. You’ll never be happy, it says. You need me, it says.

No, you don’t. You don’t need it. Let the light shine on your heart by building up small victories and filling yourself with your dreams. Shine the light on the gremlin and burn it out of your heart. It does not define you. It will not stay with you.

The gremlin’s echo will still play in your head. It will never leave you forever, and it won’t happen all at once. But small habit changes will bring you joy and peace. You deserve this.

Don’t let the gremlin destroy you before you even have a chance to try. You are worthy of whatever you set your mind to.

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