Join the PLUS SIZE FIT LIFE Facebook group!

There aren’t that many plus-size-only fitness/exercise groups on Facebook. I wanted one to exist, so here we go!

It’s a growing, vibrant community for plus size women trying to figure out life, work, finances, friends, relationships, healthy eating, weight loss, and everything else life throws at us! Being fit and healthy is about more than just physical – it starts with your mindset! This is a body-positive place to accept ourselves, make friends, share ups and downs, and learn from each other to live inspired, intentional lives.

I want women to celebrate their bodies and realize that the number on the scale tells us nothing about their worth, beauty, personality, or potential. Exercise and clean eating doesn’t have to be all about weight loss — it can be a way of respecting our bodies and making sure we are living intentionally. I truly believe that it is impossible to live intentionally without exercise and good nutrition!

If this sounds like you, jump in our group and get in on the fun!